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L i n k s
  to some of my
  favourite sites:

Via Campesina
   of the international
   peasants movement.

Third World Network -
   a great website from
   the folks who make the
   'Third World Resurgence'
   magazine, a brilliant source
   of info from a 'south' view.

Against the Grain - a
   brilliant 3-shows a week
   radio show that covers
   politics, resistance and
   a wide range of ideas.

Truth Dig - is a  US News
    blog that is fascinating.
    It's Global and US news
    with great comment and
    some cool cartoons.

Radio Eco-Shock - a
   great weekly radio
   show playing news
   and views on climate
   and eco issues.

Faith47 - south african
   grafitti artist with great
   talent & political sense.

Zero Carbon Britain
see how Britain can
   stop making it worse.

Transition Towns - an
   exciting movement
   to "decarbonise" and
   prepare for changes
   in energy & climate.

Banksy - one of the
   best living artists.

Freak Radio - one of
the best web-radio
   stations with a mix
   of politics, music
   and radical debate.

Dr. D - great 'billboard
   doctoring' by Dr.D

Wikipedia - the vast 
'open' info resource.

Wooster Collective -
a great collection 
   of street art from
   all over the world,
   updated every day!

DoodleDubz  - is a
   great radical-arts  
   collective who do 
   'street art'.  They have
   moved to this Flickr
   page for now.  Their
   older work is still on
   view on their old blog.

Unwelcome Guests -
   great weekly 2hr radio
   show that includes
   fascinating speeches.

Polyp - one of the best
   radical and political
   cartoonist is online!

The Oil Drum - vast &
   in-depth website that
   explores climate change
   and peak oil, etc.

Bamboo bicycle trailer
   - fantastic example of
   "appropriate tech".

Plane Stupid - whats
   wrong with flying,
   and what can we
   do about it.

Julian Beever - the
   best pavement
   artist that I have
   ever seen!

Killer Coke - a good
   introduction to the
   crimes of Coca-Cola,
   from funding death
   squads in Colombia
   to stealing India's
   water supplies.

VLC mediaplayer - is
   a free cross-platform
   program that can
   play almost any type
   of media file.

Stop the Wall - that
   is being built by
   Israel to cut up
   parts of Palestine.

Indymedia - a great
   source of current
   non-corporate news.
      This link is for the
   UK general page,
   but the list on the
   left will take you to
   yor local Indymedia

Open Office - is a free
   fully functioning
   suite of open-source
   software created
   by people all over
   the world without
   the control of any
   giant multinationals.
   And it works well!

Smedley Butler - one of
   the most 'interesting'
   soldiers I've ever heard
   about, famous for his
   1935 book entitled
   "War is a racket".

Climate Justice Now -
 one of many great sites
   to focus on the greatest
   issue facing us today.



Cheap & Fast!

I am often asked for tips
on making banners.  Here
a short A5 double-sided hand-out I wrote for the
Shared Planet 
in Birmingham 2008,
run by People & Planet.  
Right-click on a link and
choose 'Save file as':
D.I.Y. Banners PDF
presented 2-up as two
A5 fronts on page one,
and two A5 backs on
page two, of the A4 PDF.
D.I.Y Banners TEXT
just as a simple text file
to re-write and share.

diy banner making thumbnail

Welcome to Stig's Old website, soon to be rebuilt.  
For now, please visit my NEW BLOG,

There you will find
receent work in a rolling blog format,
A large portfolio divided into over 12 categories
showing much of my best work from the last 20 years.

please visit new blog

I am keeping this old website as I plan to move back here, once I have found the time to rebuild it.  
The galleries at the top still contain a good selection of my work from 1988 - 2011 themed by
the topics that I have worked on for most of my 'career'.  But for more recent work,
and for a wider range of examples including film,  bike trailers and much more
please visit my new blog at http://shtiggy.wordpress.com   Thanks!


Below is some older work from 2011 / 2012:



   Climate Denial 

   by Contract

    Jan 2012

    Cartoon inspired by recent
    work by Naomi Klein and
    Clive Hamilton.
    This cartoon is the third in
    the series. The other two are
    shown below.  I have nearly
    finished a fourth cartoon, on
    "love-miles"... watch this space!


   Climate Denial 

   by Embarrassment

    Jan 2012

    Cartoon inspired by recent
    work by Naomi Klein and
    Clive Hamilton.

   Climate Denial 

   by Embarrassment

    Jan 2012

    Cartoon continueing the series,
    inspired by the real words of
    Medea Benjamin.  She is a
    great campaigner and  is often
    in the US progressive news
    doing very worthwhile actions.
    I think she is a founding member
    of Code Pink that campaigns
    against the US wars.
    Global Exchange is another one
    of her projects and includes the
    "Reality Tours" that literally thinks
    tourism can be a force for good.
    I am not at all convinced, and this
    cartoon tries to poke fun at this.
    The quote was from a live radio
    interview that I wish I had recorded.
    It may have been on democracy
    Now, or maybe some other
    'alternative News' outlet.

season-shifting greetings from Durban cop17

Season-shifting Greetings

 from the Durban COP17

December 2011
Cartoon poster (left) to summarise the very disappointing
results from the latest UN conference on Climate Change,
COP17 (conference of Parties) that was held in Durban,
South Africa in early December 2011.
    This cartoon is based on a similar design I drew for 
the Gaia Foundation that focused on 'smart agriculture'.
If you want a larger version to print, please download this
1.2Mb version, which will look sharp on an A4 print-out.
emails and websites you could take the copy above.
If you want a high-resolution version for using in printed
materials, please email me:  s [at] s h t i g [dot] n e t  

    If you'd like to find out more, a great place
    to start is here:  www.climate-justice-now.org

    Our species is faced with a very challenging situation:  
How to transform our wasteful and polluting economies
so that we do not wreck our climate and environment.
    As Monbiot said recently: "So why is it so easy to
save the banks and so hard to save the biosphere?

If ever you needed evidence that our governments
operate in the interests of the elite, rather than the
world as a whole, here it is."
    In researching this poster I stumbled across the latest
thoughts on this issue from Naomi Klein, who wrote a
brilliant article in The Nation: "Capitalism vs the Climate"
She clearly explains how "a green-left worldview,
rejects mere reformism and challenges the
centrality of profit
in our economy, offers humanity’s
best hope of overcoming
these overlapping crises."

  Who will
  the Green 

   November 2011

   Cover (left) for the new report
   by the ETC Group.  It will be
   published in the next few weeks.
   See the ETC website for more
   information, and to download
   a free PDF of the report.

   This report covers a wide range
   of the world's largest industries,
   focusing on those that are
   most keen to profit from the
   new 'green economy' where
   petroleum products are replaced
   by plants.  Switching from fossil
   fuels to plant-based fuels may
   sound like a good idea.  But this
   report shows that the way it is
   already happening, multinational
   corporations are moving to further
   harm the environment and people,
   especially in poorer countries.

   Below is an example spread
   from this 60-page report.  This
   is one of the prettiest but also
   one of the most 'useful' report's
   that I have ever designed.

   ETC Group have also written an
   apt contribution to the Rio+20
   debate: 'Tackling Technology:
   Three Proposals for Rio.'  See
   the text or a PDF here. It focuses
   on creating a global system of
   assessment and regulation of new


Daddy, what did YOU do in the Climate Crisis?

Autumn 2011     

Cartoon poster (above) for a competition
run by the Green Party (UK).
The image is a spoof of the famous British
propaganda poster from the first world war
(shown on the left).  It has been parodied
by many designers over the years.  

In my version, humanity has somehow managed to
survive run-away climate change.  The background
includes some clues on how we managed it: a pair
of earthships are on the left, harnessing passive solar,
with raised beds, a large wind turbine and solar PV.
My favourite bit is the returning bike-trailer of
the local "Landfill Mining Cooperative".  Given how
wasteful modern society is, our descendants will
spend a lot of time sifting through our trash.
As Ralph Nader once said:  "We need to learn
how to be good ancestors".

About 11 years ago I painted a scary mural  that was
never completed  (shown on the right) which was a
more pessimistic interpretation. It seems right to show
it here, as I wouldn't want anyone thinking I was
some kind of unrealistic optimist. Ha-ha.

Daddy, what did YOU do in the Occupy movement?


The Great Trident Rip-off

October 2011
Cartoon poster for the dedicated folks at Nuclear Information Service.
Their website has a lot of useful research on nuclear weapons and related issues.
They also produced a monthly e-newsletter that is a great way to stay informed.

A2 poster for COIN

October 2011

The inside spread of an A2 info-poster
that was the 2010-2011 annual report
of COIN (the Climate Outreach and
Information Network
).  The other side
of the poster included the financial report,
an environemtal report, a letter from the
Chair of their board of trustees, etc.
   COIN is an ambitious climate-change
campaign group who work across Britain
on a wide range of projects. See their
website for more details.



'Welfare Plate'

October 2011
Cartoon / logo for my friend Joel who thought up this clever idea.
If you want to use this logo for your own protest / event / blog, we'd be delighted.
There is room at the botom for your own message or website address.  
Email us and we'll send you a larger version.


  Deer Gate

    September 2011

    A small mural on
    a side-gate at a
    friend's house.




Banner (above) and T-shirt (left) 
 for 'Radical Media Conference'

September 2011
I painted a 4m-long banner for the Rebellious Media Confernce
and the organisers also used the logo to make some t-shirts.
The logo was also used as a projected still on the backdrop
on the main stage during the keynote address by Noam Chomsky.  
Milan Rai (on the left), the editor of Peace News introduced him,
and Michael Albert (right) also spoke.  It was a great event.
The website for the event has lots more info, transcripts,
MP3s, films and more.



road to Rio countdown map

Road to Rio +20

August 2011
Countdown / Map (above) for the ETC Group.

 the Night

  September 2011

  Poster and flyer for the
  2011 Reclaim the Night
  march and rally in Oxford.
  I missed the event (again)
  as I was tree-trimming at
  my Uncle's, but I heard it
  went very well.

  The photos used here are
  mostly from 'slut-walk'
  events in Canada and
  the USA.

  The RTN movement has
  helped to raise important
  issues, and generally calls
  for action to end violence
  against women.  
  The National RTN website
  has more infomation.



House of Cards 
(of false solutions to Climate chaos)

Summer 2011
Cartoon (above) for a report "Capturing Climate Genes"
by the 
ETC Group.

Barcode tree

Summer 2011
Cartoon (left) also for the report "Capturing Climate Genes"
The report was combined with two previous reports by the ETC
Group, 'Geopiracy' and 'The New Biomassters' and made into a
book called "Earth Grab" that has just been published.  Sadly a
few small 'design gremlins' got into the book at the publishers.  
The book was endorsed by Patrick Bond, Naomi Klein, Nnimmo
Bassey and George Monbiot.  Vandana Shiva wrote the foreword.
I am thrilled to have been involved.



Don't let it
happen here

June 2011

Poster for the dedicated
folks at Stop Hinkley
who are campaigning
against the planned
expansion of the Hinkley
Nuclear Power station.
EDF, the French energy
corporation are trying to
persuade the UK
government to let them
build a new nuclear
reactor at Hinkley Point.

The map shows the
'exclusion zones' from
Japan, overlayed on the
surrounding areas near

Recent news from Japan
is terrible - the fields and
seas near Fukushima are
very contaminated - the
Japanese farming industry
is in deep trouble.  The
Prime Minister has resigned
and many japanese people
have finally learned an important lesson: their
goverments have been lying
about the level of the

The good news is that many
countries have decided to
turn away from Nuclear
power, including Germany,
Switzerland, Belgium and
several others.  We need
to make sure that they turn
to renewables rather than
going back to coal.




May 2011

Diagram (left) for the Rhizome Training Coop
to introduce the value of consensus.

I have worked with Rhizome a few times,
designing a few of their many useful hand-outs.  
The resources section of their website has
a lot of them, in easy to download formats.



Welcome to
the Compost 

May 2011

Instruction sheet for the
old compost toilet at the
wonderful Barracks Lane
Community Garden
East Oxford, UK.

I tried really hard to
make illustrations that
might work without the
words to help kids, and
people new to english, to
understand the process.

There are a lot of different
compost toilet systems used
around the world.  Many
work well.  Some require
less maintenance / care.
    I have read 4 books and
scoured dozens of PDFs
and websites on composting.
The best book, by far, on
the subject is the famous
"Humanure Handbook" by
Joseph Jenkins.  He spent
over 30 years researching
and testing many designs and
his conclusions are interesting.
The system he uses is very
cheap, quite simple and safe.  
You can buy the book, or
download PDFs.  I think the
older editions of the book
are cheaper.  

Tidy Sign

May 2011

Hand-painted sign (below)
also for the 
Barracks Lane
Community Garden




Spring 2011

Logo, poster (left),
flyers and advert for the
 Rebellious Media

The website for the event
has lots more transcripts,
MP3s, films and more.

To help pay for the event,
the organisers are creating
a DVD of the highlights
of the 2-day conference.  
If you missed the event,
or want to support it,
please consider ordering a
copy from their website.


Close down Campsfield

February 2011

Banner (above) for the inspiring and dedicated campaigners at the Close Down Campsfield Campaign.  Campsfield House
is a nasty refugee prison just north of Oxford.  Refugees and migrants are locked up, sometimes for long periods, without
having committed any crime.  Often they are not told how long they will be locked up.  There have been several suicides.
The local campaign has organised a monthly demonstration outside the prison for the last 18 years!


Welcome to Cancun

 December 2010
Cartoon (above) for the Cancun COP16 UN meeting on climate change in Cancun, Mexico.
Stay informed and get active - a good place to start is Climate Juctice Now!

NB:  This website is not updated very often.  Apologies.  The reason is simply that I am too busy.

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